VR 忍者道場

VR Ninja Dojo" is a new small theater theme park combined Training, Performance, Experience.You can enjoy VR action program with game elements killing enemies approaching in the VR world as examination test of full mastership after the ninja training exercises such as "throwing shuriken", "cutting with ninja sword", "using ninjutsu" with VR headset.


Promotional movie released!

Official Trailer #1
Official Trailer #2


忍びの里の忍者として、忍術を訓練し、免許皆伝の戦いに挑む。それが忍者の道、「VR忍者道場 」なり。

Train ninjutsu as a ninja in the village of Shinobi,
challenge the battle for licensing.
That will be the road to ninja,”VR Ninja Dojo”.

VR Ninja Dojo is an unparalleled, fully immersive ninja experience,
giving anyone, not just ninja fans, the chance to train as a ninja
and put their new skills to the test.

Entering the building, which has been thoroughly designed to recreate the feel of a traditional dojo,
inside and out, players prepare by dressing in full ninja costume and training under a master ninja.
Players learn a variety of fighting techniques, such as swordplay, shuriken (ninja stars), and ninjutsu (mystical ninja techniques).

Outline of VR Ninja Dojo
  • VR attraction experience will be carried out by our own VR device MR-BOX
  • Experience time is 1 hour to 1.5 hours (planned)
  • Ninja teacher conducts startup and performance
  • Movie download service during commemorative photography and experience play
  • Scroll type certificate presented
Outline of VR Ninja Dojo
Reservation for Ninja Dojo

Opening Price!

shuriken¥ 6,000 (Tax-out) / 1person

  • Up to 8 people can use at the same time.
  • The price will be different depending on the day


About Partnership

Five for is looking for partners, including amusement parks, hotels, and other companies with tourist facilities, to open other VR Ninja Dojos. Five for will provide its partners with everything necessary to open and operate their own Dojos – a Dojo operation program, MR-BOX VR equipment and VR software, Dojo interior fittings, costumes, and other décor, a reservation system, and ninja instructor training.

Using Five for’s proprietary mixed reality technology, the MR-BOX solves a problem with VR by enabling the audience to see the player interacting with the VR world through a display, without wearing headsets themselves.